Friday, January 25, 2008

Tree Mother

This is a new POSTER POEM for the withering trees and our cruality towards nature.


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manoj dhiman said...

Soch lo qatil
(A poem in Hindi)

Meri shakhaon ko
qatl karke
Apni bazuon par
Naaz mat karo

Andaza nahin tumko
Har qatl ke baad
Saza milti hai
Naa bhi mile saza agar
Paschataap karna padta hai

Tum agar
Paschatap bhi
naa karna chaho
To mat karo
Tumhari aanewali peedhion ko
Tumhare zulmon ka
Hisab dena padega
Mere lahoo ki
Har ek boond ka
Karz chukana padega

Manoj Dhiman/Ludhiana