Saturday, February 05, 2011

Swarnjit Savi donated Rs 11000-00 to EK PRAYAS- an NGO working for the differently abled children

udhiana, February-6: On the closing day of Nee Dhartiye, an exhibition of paintings by renowned city based artist Swarnjit Savi at Gallery Artmosphere ,Swarnjit Savi donated a cheque of Rs 11000-00 to EK PRAYAS- an NGO working for the differently abled children out of the sales of paintings during this show.Students, teachers and management came to see paintings on the moment. Paintings went to Canada, Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

Profuse in her appreciation of the paintings collection Sameera Bector said the paintings have a peaceful and positive aura about them. Well-known Delhi based artist Sidharth said the paintings of Savi are manifestation of the wish to see the world as a beautiful place. “The earth had a desire to be beautiful so nature took over with flora and fauna blooming all over. Man in his greed went on to destroy all that. Artists like Savi desire to obliterate that ugliness to recreate beauty,” he said. Mark Victor, an artist from California in USA calling it a wonderful work appreciated the subtle texture of the paintings. Appreciating what he called the spirituality offered by the paintings he said he found the subject-matter very intriguing. Savi, also a well known poet and photographer, has earlier showcased his artistic works at different places in India. His works have also been displayed in public places and in private collections in US, UK, Philipines, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.