Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Swaranjit Savi celebrates human body as an eternal song of love. His artistic world is a world of Leela - a celebration of body and beyond. He liberates human body ensconsed in the elucidations of love from the shackles of bigoted thought, tradition and indoctrination. He shatters the hegemony of mind over body. This is the reason why he gives faces no distinct identity.Swaranjit Savi does not resort to any pre-modern art tradition. The body in his works is not depicted in any traditional Indian styles or schools of paintings. Nor does he adopt any modernistic standards, through any international style to depict human body forms. Love is a recognition - a recognition linked with the choice of the beloved. Eroticism is that dynamic, unstable and mysterious grammar that transcends all codes and criteria of beauty and offers an introduction of the beloved person. It frees all modern and pre-modern criteria of the beauty of the beloved. This mysterious grammar of eroticism is what Savi celebrates in his paintings.